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Your driving test and beyond

The driving test is the cause for much worry and stress, but it doesn’t need to be.  I won’t let you take your test unless we both know you are ready for it.  You can trust that the you have received will get you through.

The driving test won’t last any longer than 40 minutes, and will take in a variety of different roads and conditions.  There will be one reversing manoeuvre, and approximately 10 minutes of independent driving which could be following road signs, following diagrams, or a combination of both.

It is important to remember that the driving test is not the height of your driving abilities.  Well, it shouldn’t be.  It is the first step on a long road, and proves only that you have the basic ability to drive reasonably safely.  Through good coaching, you will be able to self assess and analyse your own driving performance, and improve your driving as you gain experience.

Unfortunately, for most drivers on the road, they never drive as safely as they did on the day of their test.

We could take it a step further.  PassPlus courses offer a great way to gain experience on motorways and other conditions you may not have had much training in.  We can arrange post-test driver development sessions on something specific to your needs.