All training is carried out in a 2017 Nissan Leaf.

The car is 100% electric, meaning that there are no harmful emissions being produced by the car.

This is great for the environment, it reduces the carbon footprint of the driving lessons, and is extremely quiet and peaceful to drive.

The car drives just like any other automatic vehicle. Once you’ve learnt to drive, adjusting to your own vehicle which may be powered more conventionally with an engine will be very easy.

The car is extremely safe, fitted with a dual brake pedal, and all the lates safety features to ensure that the occupants are kept safe in the unlikely event of an incident on the road.

The car is fitted with the latest in car CCTV, or dash-cam system. The footage captured can be used as a handy way to reflect on your driving and to assess performance, as well as providing evidence should we be involved in any incidents, however unlikely this is.