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The Cars

GW Driving Schools Cars Images

The training vehicles 


Please note. Automatic lessons only are now being booked.

The current training vehicle is an automatic Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

The car is very easy to drive, comfortable, easily adapted to suit the driver, and very safe.

It is fitted with dual controls, has traction control, ABS, ESP, more airbags than you can shake a stick at, and bright LED lighting to keep us visible in all lighting and weather conditions.

The hybrid technology ensures that the car is quiet and clean driving around town. The car drives  just as any other conventional automatic car, so you can relax in the knowledge that the skills you learn will be transferred to your own car once you’ve passed your test!



The interior of the automatic training vehicle 



CCTV recording

The tuition car fitted with a sophisticated CCTV system, recording events both in front and behind the cars at all times.  This is for our protection in the extremely unlikely event of a crash, insurance scam, for recording of evidence in the case of road rage and dangerous driving in our proximity.

The footage can also be used as a training aid to help new driver analyse their own driving and decisions, to better understand the impact of their driving, and the consequences.

Or perhaps you just had an awesome lesson, and you’d like to relive the way you mastered that difficult junction again and again. We can arrange that, too!