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These testimonials will be rotated regularly, so please keep checking back for more:


I had a great lesson today with Geoff. I was worried he’d slow my driving right down but, actually, it was completely the opposite! We got to our destination QUICKER and using 32% less fuel! Amazing! He’s so patient and explains things really well and fully. A great service, loved it! Thanks G!

Karen Hamer

I recommend [anybody] to go on Geoff’s Eco Driving course. Anyone who can improve your car or van fuel consumption by 15% simply by teaching you how to drive in a safer and more responsible manner is worth their weight in gold and Geoff sets the standard in that regard.

Colin Norgate

Geoff is one of a few Instructors qualified to teach clients how to save fuel while driving. I therefore set him the challenge to show me how to save money driving my Porsche.

I can honestly say that he is a good listener and observer and made sure you understood the technique in a language and method that you can understand. The small cost of the lesson is well worth is as I am now using 18% less fuel which is saving approx £464 per year.


Andy Smith

Geoff has given my daughter 3 or 4 driving lessons now and she tells me Geoff is a great teacher and she is very comfortable and confident behind the wheel. If he can do that to my daughter he must be good. I would have no hesitation recommending Geoff to any friends or family. Thanks Geoff.

Garry Kemp

I highly recommend Geoff’s services to everyone. I went on a safety Eco lesson with Geoff where he assessed my driving in regards to safety and also helped me by advising on how I could reduce the amount of fuel I am using! It was a great session, got some fantastic tips and safety issues sorted and also came away knowing I can definitely reduce my fuel consumption. Geoff is a trustworthy, personable guy! Thankyou Geoff!

Zoe Cairns (full licence holder)

I personally feel Geoff is a great guy as well as a fantastic driving instructor. He taught me all the knowledge and skills i needed to be able to pass my test and more.
I would recommend him to anyone, he is really funny, smart and best of all he cares about his students, he always tried to give me the best advice possible and because of him i passed.
he is a really calm and patient person, he would always find way to improve my driving even if i was making mistakes, if it wasn’t for Geoff i would still be taking lessons.
He also has a Great car-  really fun to drive and great for beginners as well.

Josh Jenna

I always looked forward to my driving lessons with Geoff, he always managed to find a way to make each drive interesting whilst teaching me all of the skills I needed to pass my driving test, first time! When I found things difficult or went the wrong way he always stayed calm and focused on how to improve my driving and not dwell on my mistakes. I would not hesitate to recommend Geoff as a driving instructor as his approach is always friendly and professional.

Victoria Ryder

Geoff was a great driving instructor offering fun (as much as driving can be) lessons, they would always teach me something new about driving. His style of teaching combined with patience and competitive pricing made learning to drive a great experience, and I am now a full licence holder thanks to him, I can’t recommend him enough. Overall an exceptional instructor to learn with, and with a good car as well.

Ben Holland

I was a full licence holder when I met Geoff and asked for help with motorway driving. I had always had a phobia of driving on bigger roads like motorways, and I thought I would always be the same. After just a few sessions, I am now happier than I ever believed I could be, and so much more confident. I can thoroughly recommend for anybody who wants to develop their driving, even if you have a full licence!

Toni Murtagh

I learned with Geoff for 9 months, I found all of the lessons enjoyable and carried out professionally. He was really helpful throughout all aspects of learning i.e practical lessons, theory test and the practical test. Also the rates were very resonable for the teaching recieved well worth every penny!

Karl Ansell

If you are considering taking driving lessons…then you really couldn`t wish a for a better, more qualified and patient instructor than Geoff. He will prepare you not just for passing the test (and you will pass if you follow his advice, which is important) but also for a lifetime of safe driving. I still remember Geoff`s comments and tips when i`m driving around and this ingrained training has really kept me safe. I also passed my test comfortably and enjoyed the experience despite getting caught up behind a horse drawn funeral procession, having a drunking pedestrian lean on the bonnet of the car before i could demonstrate a reverse around a corner, and being cut up by a white van on a dual carriageway….Geoff literally proved he had prepared me for anything! I think you could say i was grateful for the excellent preparation on that day and every day since. Thanks Geoff for being an excellent instructor.

Steve Groom

As a current student of Geoff’s, I am still learning new things and improving my skills in driving. Ever since I was little I was scared of driving a car but after my first lesson with Geoff my worries went away. He explains things a way to suit you and is very patient when things go a little wrong. Overall I feel Geoff is a wonderful instructor.

Isabel Regan

Geoff is a decent guy and a fantastic instructor!
He really made me feel confident in my abilities evenwhen I messed up! I would definatly recommend him to everyone.

Megan Swaffer

I’d like to say thank you to Geoff .
I started leaning to drive at the end of April last year and I passed my driving test on 13 of April, just 2 weeks ago.
I’m so happy that I found a very good instructor.
In spite of problems with language
(English is my 2nd language), Geoff with his great patience, clear tuition and great teaching methods, made learning fun, enjoyable and relaxing.
Thank you very much! I am so exited to be able to drive on my own!

Olga Dinmore

Geoff was my driving instructor for about a year and he did a fantastic job. As far as patience goes you couldn’t get better, and i can be pretty trying at times! He never made me feel useless when i made a mistake and always showed the greatest confidence in my driving skills. Thanks to him i’m now actually free to go wherever i want when i want and it feels amazing.

Steph Joy

Well…. Best driving instructor I ever had! I used to hate driving lessons and stopped them because I didn’t like driving with some one i didn’t know, I stopped my lessons for 5 months because of this… I eventually started them up again and had Geoff as my new instructor I had a 2 hour driving lesson with him and drove constantly for 2 hours! :) got on so well, I loved my lessons after that and had atleast 2 hours a week, they wernt normal boring old lessons like most instructors they were FUN! I said and did some dippy things but he always saw the funny side to it, Geoff ALWAYS had to have a nice clean car until i got in it and went round a stupid round about that was pointless at the end of a close and i went in some mud :) .. Brilliant driving instructor and im glad i started my lessons up again and had them with him and passed FIRST time! :D .. wouldn’t go with anyone else TOP MAN!

Chery Folkes

My lessons with Geoff were a fantastic experience. They we’re a mixture of thourough practical and expert breakdown of all driving concepts.
Not only did Geoff teach me how to pass my driving test, he taught me how to be above test standard so that I was confident to drive on my own for when I passed.With Geoff you will get an instructor who helps to create a relaxed enviroment with his knowledge and personality that makes stressful driving
situations at lot easier to handle. In short I would recommend Geoff to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive.

Mark Tomlin.