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Fleet Driver Training

Geoff Watkins School of Motoring is proud to announce that we now offer fleet assessments and training to companies and organisations who wish to reduce costs of running a fleet of vehicles, to improve their image through the safe and courteous driving of company vehicles, and to improve the safety of all road users.

What is Fleet Training?

This assessment and training program is recognised by the Driving Standards Agency. It is designed to offer fleet operators an easy way to keep assessment and training records of their drivers, and help to improve the standard of driving the U.K.’s roads.

Why is it important?

There are a few very good reasons, the most important of which being a massively reduced risk of a driver being involved in an accident, and all the costs and issues associated with it.

Imagine that one of your employees is involved in a serious accident. When you are asked by the police or insurers what action you have taken to check the standard of their driving, what would you be able to prove?

If this driver had been assessed in the last 12 months and found to be safe and competent, you have demonstrated that you have taken every possible precaution against this happening.

If someone is killed as a result of a crash caused by a fleet driver, and it is found that corporate or management failings were partly to blame, individuals responsible for the failings will  find them selves open to charges of corporate manslaughter or homicide.

Convictions usually lead to jail terms.

There are other reasons to consider, too.

Through positive coaching techniques, I could help drivers learn a few simple eco tips that could save a small fortune on fuel, which is very expensive and rising at an alarming rate!
I can help reduce maintenance costs by encouraging drivers to take more responsibility on checking that their vehicles are properly maintained and are in safe working order every day before they drive.

Many insurance companies will realise that if the drivers are regularly assessed and coaching is provided where needed, then the lower risk will result in big saving on insurance premiums.  Just call your brokers and ask.

And finally, if vehicles are branded with corporate logos and information, safe and courteous driving will help boost your organisation’s professional image to other road users.

Can you afford not to get you drivers Fleet Assessed?

Please take a quick look at these shocking statistics in case you need any more convincing on how important this is.

  • There are more than 3 million company vehicles on the U.K.’s roads.
  • One third of crashes involve a vehicle that is being driven for work related purposes.
  • Three people are killed every day in crashes involving company vehicles.
  • Around 300 people are killed on our roads every year due to tiredness. Nearly half of these involve company vehicles.
  • Around three quarters of work related deaths occur on the roads. That’s between 800 and 1000 every year.
  • Collision rates for company vehicle drivers are 30-40% higher than those of private drivers.
  • One in three company cars or vans will be involved in crash every year.
  • Car and van drivers who cover 25,000 miles per year as part of their job are almost at the same risk of being killed at work as those working in mining and quarrying.

Fleet assessments and training can be carried out in any of the Medway towns, including Gillingham, Sittingbourne, Rochester, Chatham and Maidstone.  Full training days can be booked for further afield, so contact me for more information or pricing on this service,  and I will be more than happy to help.