Your first driving lesson can be scary to think about, and this hurdle often holds people back and it really shouldn’t!
The first lesson with me will be easy, fun and not at all stressful. Here’s what to expect:

At the arranged time, I will arrive and greet you, check through your licence and your eyesight. It will only be reading a car’s numberplate from a set distance, nothing like going to the opticians!

If it is your first lesson, I will drive us to a suitable location to run through all of the car’s controls, and practice moving the car forward and stopping safely. No main roads, no roundabouts. Not until YOU are ready.

And that’s it. Nothing to be apprehensive or nervous about. Learning to drive can be, and should be fun!

More challenging conditions and exercises will be introduced as your gain more skills and experience, a.d all at the pace that suits you best!