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Why automatic?

Why learn to drive in an automatic vehicle?

Doesn’t it restrict you in the future? But you can’t drive a manual car! Automatics are more expensive! Automatics take the fun out of driving!

Does that sound familiar? Well, things are changing.

Manual cars with normal petrol or diesel engines are a dying breed. Don’t despair. Better things are coming. There are more hybrid (like the tuition car I use) and full electric vehicles on the roads than ever. They are easy to drive, safer, far more efficient and cheap to run, better for the environment, and reduce noise and air pollution in town.

Manual vehicles are less efficient, less convenient to use, and arguably less enjoy to drive.

Automatic vehicles can be a little more to buy from new, but the cost can often be negated by the reduced running costs associated from fuel savings.

Tham majority of people will get their own car when they pass, and use only that car until they choose to change their car. Not many people need to, or even have the opportunity to legally drive other cars, so not being able to drive other people cars is not often an issue.

And about the fun… Well, I’ve not yet met anyone who picks clutch control, hill starts and changing between the first couple of gears round town as the ‘fun’ aspects of driving.

In fact, most people who have experienced both manual and automatics agree that auto are more enjoyable and relaxing to drive. So there!