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Coverage of lessons are based around the Medway towns in Kent, including Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Wigmore, and Rainham.


Automatic training is available at £30 per hour, £270 for 10 hours, or £500 for 20 hours


As with most things, you can always find cheaper alternatives, and you normally get what you pay for.  It’s the same when learning to drive.  There are some very cheap instructors and schools out there, with some offers that look too good to be true.  Most of the offers have hidden catches and clauses, so be careful!  And cheap lessons often feel just that- cheap.  Plus, you may well end up paying more in the long run for even more lessons.

With Geoff Watkins, you will receive top quality tuition, in a modern and safe car, and you won’t just be taught how to pass your test.  You will get training in ALL areas of driving and be ready for life behind the wheel.